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Stichting Israa
Uw betrouwbare partner voor uw giften aan Palestina

Isra Charitable Foundation, a Dutch humanitarian, non-profit organization that does not discriminate on religious or political grounds, implements projects inside and outside the Netherlands with the aim of improving the conditions of Palestinians, wherever they are,

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Stichting Israa
Uw betrouwbare partner voor uw giften aan Palestina

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Our mission

We are working to improve the situation of the needy Palestinians, by implementing media, relief, operational and development projects, funded by donations collected by the Foundation and allocated with transparency and honesty to achieve the Foundation’s goals.”

Our vision

A decent life for every Palestinian

Our achievements

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Project Financing

Our Goals

  • Implementing seasonal relief projects on holidays, events and others
  • Providing housing by repairing or building new homes for the needy
  • Spreading awareness in the Foundation’s work areas about the situation of Palestinians
  • Helping and caring for the talented and Palestinian students

Our values

  • Humanitarian work
  • Non-profit
  • Equality: We help the needy regardless of political or religious background
  • Trust: Your donation will reach the place and the people who need it most

Why donate to the Israa Foundation specifically

  • To get your money to the people most in need
  • Because it adopts the principle of transparency
  • To contribute to the development of its plans
  • To reach the Palestinians everywhere around the world