In de keuken: Midden-Oosters kaasgebakrecept

Imagine waking up one morning to discover that all the color in the world had disappeared. Everything would be black, white, and shades of gray. What colors would you miss the most? We are going to celebrate the vibrant colors within God’s creation by having a colorful game of water balloon dodgeball! What you’ll need:

  • 2 large buckets or bowls
  • Small water balloons
  • Cold water
  • Cornstarch
  • Neon food coloring
  • Spray bottle(s)
  • A rope or ribbon to make a long line in the grass
  • Colorful fruits, vegetables, and juices for snacks

Play the game with your family

Play outside and wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. You can prepare the colorful water balloons ahead of time or make this a part of the activity with your kids. Here’s how to make them:

  1. Combine 2 cups cold water, ¾ cup corn starch, and 10 drops of one color of food coloring in a saucepan.
  2. Heat over medium heat, stir constantly, and stop as soon as the liquid begins to thicken (you don’t want it to get too thick!).
  3. Add the liquid to a spray bottle. Attach a balloon to the nozzle of the bottle, and squirt the liquid into the balloons until full.
  4. Repeat with other colors until you have the desired amount of water balloons.

Outside, place a rope or ribbon across the yard to divide it into two sides. Divide into two teams, and give each team the same number of water balloons. Count to three and yell, “GO!” All the team members race to the line and throw balloons at their opponents.

Play for fun, or play to win: If someone gets doused with color, they’re out. If the balloon hits them and does not break, the thrower is out. The team that survives the longest wins.

Play it forward: What did you learn?

After the family game, gather for snacks and refreshments, and take some time to talk about the game.

Color is such a beautiful blessing. How do you think your day-to-day life would be different if you woke up one day to a world without color? How would you rely on your other senses to make up for the lack of color?

In the beginning, God had a blank canvas before him. He could have created a colorless world — or even a world with only a couple of colors in it. But he didn’t! His love of color is written on the petals of flowers, the blue of the sky, and the skin of all people across the world. Why do you think he did this? If colors are from God, and God is good, is there such a thing as a bad color?

What’s next? Find a color run near you, raise funds, and donate them to your favorite charity. You can also bless your loved ones with the gift of color by painting them a picture, giving them a hand-picked bouquet of flowers, or cooking for them a beautiful, colorful meal, utilizing colorful produce and spices available at the local market.


3. Family activity: Food find

The world produces enough food for everyone to have enough. Yet, 1 in 8 people in the world does not have enough to eat. Why?

Some people can’t grow enough food. Many poor farmers are unable to grow enough food to feed their own families. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have the money to buy good seeds. Sometimes it’s the weather — not enough rain or too much rain can ruin gardens and crops they’ve planted. Sometimes it’s because disease harms the crops they are trying to grow. Sometimes it’s because they may grow enough food for part of the year but lack safe storage to save food for the cold or dry seasons when they can’t grow food.

People who don’t grow their own food often go hungry because they lack the money to buy food. And nutritious food is more expensive than unhealthy, processed food.

Learn why it is hard for some kids to get enough food to eat. You’ll need three to five food items you will hide for each child playing to find, i.e. banana, apple, orange, an ear of corn, carrot, a bag of rice, bread in a sandwich bag, etc.

Play the game with your family

(Hide all the food items before you start the family activity.)

Tell your kids the number of food items you’ve hidden, and give them a time limit to find them based on their age and how well you’ve hidden the items! After they find them all, come back together.

Play it forward: What did you learn?

Sit down for a discussion with your kids: How did you feel when you found the hidden food? Was it easy or hard? Think about the last time you were hungry. What happens to you when you’re hungry? Do you ever get “hangry?”

Then learn more about how World Vision is fighting hunger around the world, and consider donating to help.

You can also learn more about how local organizations are helping hungry people in your community. Find out what your local food bank needs, and add those items to your grocery list this weekend. Or provide a donation for a family food kit that will feed a family in the U.S.